It’s Not What You Know, But Who You Know

Thirty-one years ago I began my career in a small Christian school in South Bend, Indiana.  Since then I have been in Christian education all within this region of the country.  Recent decades have seen some major shifts in the world of education, changing much of what we do and how we do it.  It is impossible to navigate these times alone!

One of the first administrative actions I took after becoming the head of my first school was to join the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).  Many years later I see the importance of that move.

ACSI has connected me with hundreds of other administrators throughout the years.  I have attended dozens of their professional development events.  Most of my job changes have come through ACSI connections, including my move to Heritage in 2013.  And for many years I have served as an ACSI state representative, starting in Michigan and now for nine years in Wisconsin.

I started out as the rookie, but now feel like a dinosaur.  One thing has been consistent – my network of colleagues within ACSI schools have always been there for me.

Today we hosted 12 administrators and leaders from ACSI schools who participated in a round table discussion of various pertinent topics.  This Sunday an ACSI Accreditation Team will begin a visit at HCS that will last till Wednesday, hopefully ending with a renewed term of accreditation.

In this day of shallow electronic connections with 2D images of our “friends,” it is nice to have long-term relationships with people who help us grow and pursue excellence.  Taking time to network with our peers is hard work, but in the end knowing the right people always makes a difference.

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