Biblical Examples of Being Exceptional

Have you ever dreamed of doing something with such a high degree of excellence that people would enthusiastically applaud and thank you for your efforts?  Do you long to know that you did something that was truly great and that made a tremendous difference in some significant way?

I think we all have had hopes like this, but sometimes the results seem unattainable.  It is too easy to replace our visions with the daily grind.  I don’t think God wants us to live that way, but it is very easy to get defeated.  Thankfully He has given us examples of people who overcame great obstacles to become truly exceptional role models to us all.

I have been meeting weekly with our teachers to discuss the subject of being exceptional.  We started by studying the life of Daniel and we have been inspired by his resolution to keep himself set apart for God.  He endured the humiliation of being taken captive, was transported to a foreign land, and underwent intense training to change his thinking, yet he was determined not to defile himself with the impure practices of the Babylonians.  God blessed his tenacity and wisdom by promoting him to be a powerful advisor to several kings.

We recently started studying Joseph and discussed the role dreams play in becoming exceptional.  I believe God gives birth to great dreams inside of us, but we often allow outside forces to beat those dreams out of us.  Joseph clung to his dreams even as he endured the most difficult circumstances.

Here at HCS, it is our goal to train and inspire servant leaders who will strive to become truly exceptional.  We need to provide them with the tools they need to see their dreams come true!

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  1. Ultimately having focus and understanding why we’re in the grind is key so that God’s people don’t “perish for a lack of vision.”

    I’m inspired by the stories of Daniel and Joseph because they are germane to our day and age as we press into a time where God is calling those in the workplace to be as devoted to Him as those in the ecclesiastical realm.

    Our children need to be anchored in biblical examples of being “exceptional” so they go beyond secular achievement to understanding that being all God called them to be is ultimately out of worship; their motive should be loving God and working with Him. This is where our vision should come from.

    I like your approach and appreciate the focus.

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