College Counseling

Mr. David Irwin


Mr. David Irwin

Guidance Director

Mr. Irwin came to Heritage Christian in 2006 after serving for the previous nine years as director of guidance at Santiago Christian School in the Dominican Republic. He holds a B.A. in Math and an M.S. in Counseling.

The following information may help you better understand the comprehensive nature of the program at the HCS High School. By projecting a tentative plan for the four years, you can anticipate a sequence of courses that will provide the best possible program for each student. Some students will be interested in and able to undertake a college preparatory program. Others will look forward to entrance into the work force upon graduation. As you assist your son/daughter in the development of a program, it is suggested that you choose a program that challenges and provides options for your son/daughter. For a complete guide of course descriptions and more, contact the Guidance Office at 262-432-0333.