ACT/SAT Information and 2016-2017 Test Dates

ACT/SAT Frequently Asked Questions

*Who should take the ACT or SAT?  College bound juniors and seniors

*When is the optimal time to take the ACT or SAT?  These tests are curriculum based and geared toward students who are in the spring of their junior year
*May a student take the test more than once?  Yes! There are no limitations on how many times a student can take the ACT or SAT but there are some restrictions on how often they can test. See or for more information.
*Should I take the ACT or SAT Writing test? That is up to you. Check the requirements of the colleges and/or universities you would like to attend.
*How can I prepare for the ACT or SAT?  You may go to the ACT or SAT websites for free web-based practice or get a practice test from the high school guidance office. Waukesha County Technical College also offers a four-week ACT/SAT prep class for a reasonable fee.
*Do most students at HCS take the ACT or the SAT?  Most Heritage students take the ACT. A few students take both the ACT and SAT. It is somewhat of a regional preference. Most students on the coasts take the SAT and the ACT is preferred in the central portion of the United States. Check with your preferred colleges to see what they require.
Register online and check the ACT schedule at:
*Question and Answer Service (QAS) is available. 
ACT 2016-17 Test Dates
Test Date...................Registration Deadlines
February 11, 2017........January 13, 2017
April 8, 2017................March 3, 2017
June 10, 2017..............May 5, 2017
Special Test Date for Juniors
ALL Juniors will be take the ACT on February 28, 2017. On March 1, 2017 all Juniors will take the ACT WorkKeys exam.
This will be the only ACT that Heritage will register students for and administer at the school.

Test dates require advance registration ...  Please call the Guidance Office at 262-432-0529 for further information or registration assistance.