Remedial Help

Elementary Resource Room
This program exists to meet individual learning needs during the school day for children who require specific remedial assistance beyond what can be provided by the classroom teacher.  Students meet in one-on-one and small group settings, three to five times a week.  Every effort is made to minimize interruption to classroom instruction.
The program strives to give teachers and parents some answers as to why a particular child is not progressing at a “normal” or expected rate, and then make a plan for remediation.  Mrs. Huebner has been trained in multi-sensory teaching techniques (Orton-Gillingham based curricula) and has a particular passion for early intervention.  She has taught pre-school through 6th grade during her career and has been the elementary Resource Room teacher since 1992.  You may contact Mrs. Huebner at
Middle & High School Resource Room
This program is designed to help students understand subject material in their particular learning style and to build confidence in their God-given abilities.  It strives to provide motivation and encouragement to help students work through his or her difficulties and struggles.
Students meet during the school day either on an individual basis, or in a small group setting to work on classroom assignments or to study for upcoming tests. This program is staffed by Mrs. Patrice Hoban.  Before coming to HCS, Mrs. Hoban taught in the Green Bay Public Schools for six years, and homeschooled her children for 10 years.  Mrs. Hoban has her bachelor’s degree in special education and is dedicated to serving students at Heritage.  You may contact Mrs. Hoban at
Resource help is funded by parents, over and above regular tution.