High School

Mr. Mark MacKay


Mr. Mark MacKay

MS/HS Principal

BA History/Drama ~ San Diego State University ('74)
MS Administrative Leadership ~ UWM ('91)

Mr. MacKay was raised in southern California. He taught for 8 years before moving into administration. He served as an administrator in California for three years prior to joining HCS. In 1988, Mr. MacKay joined our school. He has served as an administrator and coach since that time.

Many parents believe that a good high school education is more important than a good college experience later in life. High School students at Heritage will have an opportunity to grow and develop in many areas such as academics, athletics, fine arts, service, ministry and faith in Jesus Christ.

The Heritage Christian High School program builds on the foundation of basic skills in the arts, humanities, and sciences. HCHS offers opportunities to develop the competence and confidence needed for achievement in college. Elective courses enable High School students to tailor programs to their talents and interests. Students are formally advised about college planning beginning in the 9th grade. Heritage Christian Schools' graduates enjoy an excellent rate of success gaining admission to many top college and universities.

HCHS provides a curriculum — including Honors and Advanced Placement courses — that encourages academic and personal discipline. Many students graduate with ACT and SAT scores well above the national average. With consistent instruction and support, students of varying abilities are challenged to realize their potential and find success.


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