FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC)

West Virginia FTC Championship Winners!

Congratulations to our robotics team the Supposable Thumbs for both being on the winning alliance of the West Virginia State FTC Championship AND winning the event's top judged award, the Inspire Award.  Playing against many of the best teams in the world, including three of last year's world champions, the Thumbs bested them all to win our 6th FTC State Championship!  Next up for the Thumbs is to defend last year's Wisconsin State Championship, but they've already punched their ticket to the East Region's Super Regional in March.

Congrats to Tim, Samuel, Kasey, Jake, Matt, Evan, Sean, Caleb, Michael, Caden, Chandra and Elijah on an INCREDIBLE start to the season!

High School Robotics Team Wins World Prize

Congratulations to the Supposable Thumbs FTC team on the finest judging performance the team ever had at last week's FTC World Championships! The Thumbs' pit was surrounded by judges all week,  deliberating on the best teams in the world for six different award categories and the top overall "Inspire Award" team. Seven different groups of judges (22 overall) interviewed the team for best software, best design, most innovative robot and for being the most "Motivational" team at Worlds.  Eventually, the Thumbs were awarded the "Motivate Award Finalist," meaning they were top 6 for the Motivate Award in the World! 

The team fought hard with its robot in the head-to-head competition, too, scoring more than 80% of the points for its alliances in the nine qualifying rounds and working hard to overcome the surprises they encountered. Their randomized schedule was historically tough and they finished it with a remarkable 3-6 record. The best team in the world would have finished no better than 4-5 with these matchups.  The Thumbs inspired all the teams by never giving up, by doing their best despite the long odds of winning and by always keeping a THUMBS UP attitude!

Playing on the "World" stage is always an opportunity to testify to the One who made the World. We were proud to see the team spontaneously gather with the four other teams that would play in the first match and give thanks to their Lord and Savior for the opportunity.

Tim Keup Wins Prestigious Global "Dean's List" Award

Congratulations to Tim Keup on winning the World "FIRST Dean's List" Award! This award, named for FIRST robotics founder Dean Kamen, recognizes the global superstars in the FIRST robotics programs. Tim earned the team nomination in December and then did interviews with professionals in January and was declared one of two state-level winners at the Wisconsin FTC Championship in February.  Tim's nomination was then considered along with 140 other state and country-level superstars for one of ten World Dean's List Awards.

Dean's List winners serve as FIRST Tech Challenge ambassador. Tim will be travelling to FIRST headquarters for a summit this summer to help shape the direction of the program. He and his fellow winners will also 'star' in next season's global FTC game launch video! Tim now has the deans of prestigious universities texting him congratulations!  Let's join them in telling Tim how proud we are of him!


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